GYN Cancer Resources

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Resources

Cancer Genetics Program

The Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Cancer Genetics Program has genetic counselors who are specially trained experts who work with patients who are concerned about their family history of cancer and are considering genetic testing. For more information send an email to or call 404-851-6284.

Network of Hope

The Network of Hope is part of both Northside Hospital Cancer Institute’s Oncology Support Services and Norths ide’s Volunteer Services connects cancer patients with trained volunteers who have also faced cancer and embraced life afterward. Volunteer cancer survivors and caregivers are available to mentor cancer patients throughout their treatment. For more information send an email to or call 404-303-3676.

Support & Survivorship

As Georgia’s largest cancer network, Northside Hospital Cancer Institute offers a full range of cancer support and survivorship resources and services to address the practical, spiritual, emotional, financial and physical challenges cancer patients may face.

Additional Resources

Cancer Support Community Atlanta

Cancer Support Community (CSC) Atlanta is a safe haven for cancer patients and their families and a place where they can find support, companionship, education, and most of all…hope. Cancer patients who come to the CSC Atlanta are referred to as "participants" and are encouraged to fight for their recovery by participating in their treatments.

Find out more information on their current GYN Cancer Support Groups:

Click Here For more information on CSC's various gynecological cancer resources.

Tell Me More: Nutrition & GYN Cancers

Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance (GOCA)

GOCA aims to increase awareness and educate women, their families, as well as the healthcare community about the risks, symptoms, and treatment of ovarian cancer leading to earlier detection.

The Partnership for Gynecological Cancer Support

The Partnership for Gynecological Cancer Support helps to raise awareness and reduce the financial toxicity of a cancer diagnosis by providing assistance for daily non-insured expenses for women currently being treated for any gynecological cancer in northeast Georgia

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